ChemoSorb pad - the Absorber Pad for chemicals SINGLE USE PRODUCTS

ChemoSorb pad - the Absorber Pad for chemicals

Maximum absorption for the safe containment of spilt liquids (e.g. cytotoxic drugs) with the absorbing pad Berner ChemoSorb

The ChemoSorb pad reliably absorbs and binds liquids. Spills are turned into a gel (like in a baby nappy), thus ensuring a safe and effective disposal.

For Hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories and the use in Spillkits.

Product highlights:

  • Absorbs liquids up to 3 l
  • Suitable for cytostatic drugs
  • High absorbency 
  • Non-drip binding of liquids
  • Latexfree
  • Easy to handle
  • Barcode-System for order-no. (EAN13), production-, shelf life-Date and LOT (Code 39)  

ChemoSorb-Pad, 54x38 cm,

  • Box with 10 pcs: 120016
  • Box with 50 pcs: 120014



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