Berner protective sleeves Z+ B+ PPE

  • CE-mark
  • Trademark Z Plus+
  • Trademark B Plus+
  • Protection from chemical hazards
  • Protection from bacterial hazards

Berner protective sleeves Z+ B+

Specific partial protection for working with cytostatics and biological hazards

The protective sleeves Z Plus+ B Plus+ can be used wherever you do not need full-body protection. Their impermeable coating makes sure that you arms are protected at all times. The cone-shaped cut ensures a universal fit and wear comfort.

Product highlights:

  • Category III personal protective equipment (PPE) (best category)
  • Type tested and certified
  • Chemicals protection clothing for CMR pharmaceuticals
  • Fully impermeable coating
  • Comprehensive permeation tests
  • Ultrasound sealed seams
  • Cone-shaped cut for a universal fit
  • Knitted or elasticated cuffs
  • Low in particles
  • Sterile and non-sterile available
  • Extensive documentation
  • Barcode-system for order no. (EAN13), production-, shelf life-date and LOT (Code 39)  


To order Protective sleeves Z+B+®

  knitted cuffs elasticated cuffs
Article-No. (non-sterile - 50 pairs) 6000 6200
Article-No. (sterile - 40 / 30 pairs) 6001 6300


  • CE-mark

    EC directive conformity mark based on an EC type-test, certification and monitoring of the named body 0299:
    Subject committee personal protective equipment
    Test and certification authority BG-PRÜFZERT
    Zentrum für Sicherheitstechnik
    Zwengenberger Strasse 68
    D-42781 Haan

  • Trademark Z Plus+

    Registered trademark Z Plus+ for single use items and personal protective equipment especially for the safe use of CMR-agents (e.g. cytostatics).

  • Trademark B Plus+

    Trademark B Plus+ for single use items and personal protective equipment especially for the safe use of biological agents e.g. (bacterial and viruses).

  • Protection from chemical hazards

    Sign for chemical protective clothing type PB-[4] acc. to EN 14605. Partial body protection.

  • Protection from bacterial hazards

    Sign for protective clothing against infection type PB-[4] acc. to EN 14126. Partial body protection.