SealSafe ® - waste sealing unit LABORATORY DEVICES

  • CE-mark
  • Designed in Germany
  • TÜV personal certification mark

SealSafe ® - waste sealing unit

The waste sealing unit BERNER SealSafe ® is used for the containment and aerosol-tight heat sealing of waste which requires monitoring. BERNER SealSafe ® increases occupational safety in places where particularly hazardous waste is produced.

Product highlights:

  • Type tested and certified (TÜV-GS-certificate) 
  • Aerosol-tight heat sealing of waste
  • For infectious and toxic waste
  • Comprehensive permeation tests (Foil bags) (e.g.: 7 days breakthrough time for carmustin)
  • Increases occupational health and safety
  • Prevents the release of aerosols
  • Decreases odours
  • Safe interim storage
  • Safe transport and disposal
  • Mobile and hygienic
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Variable heigth base
  • Operation via foot pedal
  • Waste is heat sealed section by section
  • Automatic foil feed after sealing process
  • Outstandingly suited to use with cytostatics
  • Foil bag with reliable barrier properties  
  • Ideal addition to working with safety cabinets


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  • CE-mark

    EC directive conformity mark signifies the adherence to the basic safety and health requirements of the relevant EC directive(s).

  • Designed in Germany

    Safety equipment developed by German engineers in the BERNER research and test laboratory.

  • TÜV personal certification mark

    The TÜV personal certification »technical qualification verification for service technicians of microbiological safety cabinets and cytostatic safety cabinets« consists of a one-week intensive training course with subsequent theoretical and practical examinations. Personal certification is attained after successful completion of the examinations together with regular proof of calibrated measuring tools.
    Testing, certification and control by the accredited test house.
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