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Hospital Pharmacists: Added Value for Health”

Hospital Pharmacists: Added Value for Health”

13th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists MECC, Maastricht Exhibiton and Congress Centre Maastricht, Netherlands, 27th - 29th February 2008

13th EAHP Congress

Berner International in cooperation with ars pharmaceutica and under the patronage of the ESOP is going to present, in line with the satellite symposium, a workshop with Live presentation on a safety cabinet. In this free event you will be able to see - via direct coverage on a large screen - the latest findings on safety cabinets and EDP-assisted aseptic production processes.  Using smoke tests in situ on a safety cabinet, different operating modes and typical application errors will be conveyed. Theory plus a practical  demonstration: a trusted  concept, which has already made our Practical-based training course "Safety training in Cytostatics" into a very successful event. The places for this free event are limited, to avoid disappoinent please reserve your place early.

Thursday, 28th February 2008, 09:00 - 10:30, Auditorium 1

"Quality and Safety in Pharmaceutical Preparation of Cytotoxic Drugs"
Presentation, Workshop and Live demonstration at a safety cabinet - covered live on a large screen.
Free of charge event with live demonstration at a BERNER FlowSafe® Safety Cabinet. As the places are limited, we request registering early.

Aim of the event
Safety cabinets are for many laboratories the most important protective equipment. In line with this event the operating modes and differences of safety cabinets are demonstrated. The process of EDP-supported aseptic production will be demonstrated, as well as typical application errors, visualised partly using smoke tests. 

Event organiser
BERNER INTERNATIONAL, ars pharmaceutica
Under the patronage of ESOP (European Society of Oncology)


Design & functions of safety cabinets:

  • Modern 3-filter systems
  • Visualisation of the flow conditions for optimal personnel-, product- and cross-contamination protection
  • Safe and unsafe operating conditions
  • 2- and 3-filter system - Differences and advantages
  • Filter technologies and low-contamination filter replacement
  • Ergonomics as preventative safety at work

Visualisation of application errors:

  • Coverage of intake ports
  • Influence of position of front screen
  • Coverage of exhaust opening
  • Disturbance due to people traffic
  • Direct exhaust air connection

Important options:

  • Window section
  • Flat screen holder
  • Interfaces
  • Particle monitoring
  • Software for reading and archiving the operational parameters

Aseptic production & quality management:

Presentation of a EDP supported manufacturing production of cytotoxics using CYPRO.


  • Quality and Safety in Pharmaceutical Preparation of Cytotoxic Drugs
  • Workshop
  • Berner International GmbH


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