Please note the following warnings!

Please note the following warnings!

Attention! Fraud attempt with phishing E-Mail

Dear Customers and Partners,

We would like to warn you of an e-mail on behalf of Berner International GmbH. Fraudsters sending out offers for personal protective equipment in the hope that the offer will be accepted and the invoice amount transferred.

We expressly warn against this deceptively genuine looking e-mail. The following features will help you to recognize an attempt at fraud:

  • Use of our old company address
  • Use of an incorrect e-mail address (missing the right ending:
  • Impersonal address in the salutation
  • Mention of the offer features in the e-mail text and not in a separate PDF document
  • No naming of a contact person
  • Phone number is a mobile phone number
  • Mention of a Whatsapp number in the signature
  • Receipt of an offer without prior request from you

Here you will find the previously known fraud text.

If you receive an offer from Berner International GmbH, please ensure that it always has your personal contact and has been sent to you on request. If you are unsure, please contact your personal contact person at our company or call our customer service hotline.

We very much regret that an attempt at fraud is taking place under our company name and hope that none of our customers will be harmed.


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