Baktolin sensitive

Baktolin® Sensitive

Baktolin sensitive

Mild, nourishing wash lotion

Wash lotion for gentle cleansing

Baktolin® sensitive provides a gentle cleansing of the skin and hands and is at the same time mild and caring. Thanks to the moisturizing allantoin and the skin-smoothing wheat protein, the skin is kept smooth and supple even in intensive and daily repeated use. The pH of 5.5 protects the skin's sensitive acid protection mantle.


Characteristics Baktolin® sensitive

  • Mild, colourant  wasch lotion with skin-freindly ph value of 5.5
  • With refatting and caring substances
  • With mild tensides
  • Without fragrance-free mix1 ingredients
  • Without parabenes

1Group of fragrances which are known to trigger allergies more frequently


Areas of application - Baktolin® sensitive

in hospitals & doctor's offices

in healthcare

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industry & laboratories

Nursing home care


To order | Baktolin® sensitive

Size Box, 20 pieces x bottle 500ml Box, 10 pieces x bottle 1000ml
Order-No. H-9813331 H-9813341



  • Baktolin® sensitive 500ml
  • Baktolin® sensitive 1000ml
  • Baktolin® sensitive group


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