Berner Claire® receives design award

Berner Claire® is the winner of the reddot design award 2013

Safety Cabinet of Berner International wins the "reddot Design Award 2013"

For over 30 years Berner International has stood for high quality protection systems in pharmaceutical and biotechnological cleanrooms.The fact that these safety cabinets for laboratories need not just be
functional and practical, is shown by the new Berner Claire® - the winner of the designer prize red dot Award 2013.

Excerpt from the honouring speech: „The safety cabinet features a clear Claire und reddot design award 2013 design languare. Its most promiment feature is the arched front casing. 
– the Protection Shield – with a harmoniously integrated touchscreen. There are recessed light bands in the vertical sides, which use colour coding to inform about the current state of operations and warn the user of potential dangers. Moreover the intelligent illumination of the front window's lower edge uses visual cues to alert the user of any safety problems."

Naturally, during the development and design stage, the safety aspect of the user was the first priority. The new safety cabinet has united years of experience together with the latest research findings in this area. A new, patented sensor system detects moving people in the laboratory and possesses, next to an auto on-/off function also an alarm system for any movement which are too fast. In times of rising energy costs, the subject of energy efficiency was also relevant. Due to the application of the latest technology and special control elements the energy consupmtion of the safety cabinet could be lowered down to to 97%, depending on the operating mode.

Look here for further information on the new safety cabinet Berner Claire®.


  • Safety Cabinet Berner Claire® wins the Reddot Design Award
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  • Safety Cabinet Berner Claire® - 4
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  • Reddot Design Award - Safety Cabinet Berner Claire®