Berner Claire

Berner Claire

The new generation of safety cabinets

You will never satisfied with a standard piece of equipment again!

"MadThe new Berner safety cabinet Clairee in Germany" has been a success story for over 60 years. For thirty years we have been developing and manufacturing safety cabinets in Germany. Our products stand for quality, reliability and innovative technology - "Made in Germany". The prime target in the development of the new generation was to make working at safety cabinets easier and more intuitive - while at the same time raising safety levels. In a special development project our engineers and designers have collected and tested many ideas for several years, as well as implementing results from our research. Form and function entered a perfect symbiosis as the new "Shield Design" and made a perfect product; the new generation of safety cabinets.

The combination of tried and trusted technology together with new technological advances, in addition to  manufacture and quality "Made in Germany" make these safety cabinets to be something special - a premium product.


Safety cabinet Berner Claire

All advantages at a glance:

- Ergonomic shape
- Special, non-glare lighting
- Easy operation due to touch display with individual user profiles
- Special sensor technology to detect disruption in airflow
- Display for safety-relevant parameters
- "Flex Flow" with different air flow modes
- Green Tec for up to 97% less energy consumption

Further information on our latest generation of safety cabinets you can find here: safety cabinet Claire