Berner International at the award ceremony of the German Federal Ecodesign 2014

Berner International at the award ceremony of the German Federal Ecodesign 2014

Berner International at the ceremony with the German Federal Environment Minister, Mrs Hendricks, during the award ceremony

For Berner International in the race: The safety cabinet Claire®.

"Green innovations go further" – under this motto the German Federal Environment Ministry and the Federal Environment Agency awarded the Bundespreis Ecodesign (German Federal ecodesign prize) for the third time.

From a multitude of applications - in the categories products, services and concepts - the jury made up of design and environmental experts, nominated a total of 29 designs.

Berner International mit Bundesumweltministerin Hendricks beim Ecodesign Award 2014

From left: Malte Schneider, Thomas Hinrichs, German Environment Minister Hendricks, Matthias Fischer & Dr. Ralf Wörl.

The safety cabinet is used in laboratories with particularly demanding requirements as regard to safety. Protection at the highest level, intuitive operation, low energy consumption and a detection system for disruption in air flow make these safety cabinets (SC) even more efficient and extremely safe. Together with the light bands, which indicate the current state of operation, the shield design conveys protection and visualizes technological progress. 

Berner safety cabinet Claire nominated for the ecodesign AwardThe safety cabinet Claire® sets new standards in the area of environmental protection. Claire® meets the current demands for low environmental pollution in various ways. This begins right at the start with its manufacture, continues during use, right up to the end of its life time. As the safety cabinet is a safety-relevant device which generally tends to be used up to 365 days / year and 24 hours / day, electricity costs are a significant factor. Energy consumption has been reduced from 500W to 85W. In order to achieve this, several factors were optimized: Amongst others the HEPA-cartridge filters were air dynamically optimized, the lighting of the fluorescent tubes was replaced by energy-saving LED light technology and top modern EC fans together with intelligent control and monitoring technology have come into operation.

As an absolute novelity Berner utilises presence sensors in Claire®, which are able to detect whether an operator is working at a safety cabinet. If this is not the case, the SC automatically switches into an electricity-saving mode. During manufacture hardly any plastic components were used, in addition the modular and mainly automated, efficient manufactures very resource friendly. Also, the new design comes with a direct connection to the SealSafe® waste disposal unit. With this integration it can be guaranteed that no biological and chemical hazardous materials from the safety cabinet are emitted into the environment, but are directly transferred and sealed into a leakproof foil tube.

The winner were announced at a ceremony on the 14th November 2014 by the German Environment Minister Mrs Hendricks. 

Berner International bei der Verleihung des Ecodesign-Awards 2014 in BerlinBerner International auf der Preisverleihung des Ecodesign--Awards 2014 in Berlin








The winners of the awards and the nominated projects are presented as part of a touring exhibition, which are going to be shown in 2015 under the patronage of the German Environment Minister in different locations in Germany. Further information will be shown here soon.

All nominated designs as well as the winners can be found in the online-exhibition of the German Federal Ecodesign Award (in German only).

For further information on the new Safety Cabinet Claire® and about Berner International please follow the links.