BERNER Spike II and UltraSpike II

BERNER Spike II and UltraSpike II

Withdrawal cannula for complete drainage of vials without a residue

New: BERNER Spike II and UltraSpike II

The new withdrawal cannula Berner Spike II and UltraSpike II was developed for non-drip and complete drainage of vials. 

Due to the special side fixing clips the spike is positioned close to the rubber cap of the vial. This means that the vial can be emptied leaving virtually no residual volume without pulling back the withdrawal cannula (which would disable the ventilation).

To provide additional safety for the user, the chemo spikes contain a large 0.1 µm PTFE Paclitaxel-resistant ventilation filter.  

The spikes do not have a liquid filter and are therefore suitable for use with viscous substances and monoclonal antibodies.

Further details on the new BERNER spikes - here!