Berner SpillKit XP Duo - to remove cytotoxic accidents SINGLE USE PRODUCTS

Emergency cleaning duo kits for cytostatic agents
  • European Society of Oncology Pharmacy
  • Recommended by the DGOP

Berner SpillKit XP Duo - to remove cytotoxic accidents

Emergency cleaning set. Reliable and total protection with this emergency cleaning kit for the especially safe removal of cytostatic and other CMR drugs

The Berner SpillKit XP Duo for two persons

Spill accidents with cytostatics may occur for different reasons in different places. Whether, when receiving goods, at the storage, when preparing, on the oncology ward and in oncological practice - but also at the transport of cytostatics.

These accidents should as far as possible always be eliminated by two people.

Therefore, the Berner SpillKit XP Duo offers complete personal protection for two persons and all utensils that are needed for the removal of spillage.

An included illustrated step-by-step instructions enables easy and professional disposal and provides security.

Product highlights:

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  • 2x complete personal protective equipment (PPE) of the highest category III
  • Content in line with the guidelines issued by DGOP and ESOP
  • Protective overalls for use with cytostatic agents - for complete protection
  • Comprehensive permeation tests
  • Proven barrier function
  • For liquid and powder contaminations
  • Protection in the case of glass breakages
  • Extensive documentation 
  • Accident report form
  • Short picture manual
  • 3 sizes (M, L and XXL)
  • Barcode-System for Order-No. (EAN13), Production-, Shelf Life-Date and LOT (Code 39) 


To order | SpillKit XP Duo

Order No. for size M/M 100101
Order No. for size M/L 100102
Order No. for size M/XXL 100103
Order No. for size L/L 100104
Order No. for size L/XXL 100105
Order No. for sizee XXL/XXL 100106

Instructions for the correct action in emergency situations can be found here.


  • 2x cytostatic protective overalls 
  • 2x cytostatic protective gloves
  • 2x protective overgloves
  • 2x cytostatic protective overboots  
  • 2x FFP3 respirator mask
  • 2x protective goggles
  • Marker
  • Warning sign
  • 1 ChemoSorb pad
  • 6 Isysoft cloths
  • Scoop
  • Sweeper
  • Tongs
  • 500ml distilled water (for dry substances)
  • Waste bag
  • Special waste bag, white
  • Cable ties
  • User information


  • BERNER SpillKit XP - to remove cytotoxic drugs
  • Spillage clean up with 2 people


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  • European Society of Oncology Pharmacy

    European Society of Oncology Pharmacy

    The BERNER SpillKit XP contains all components, which are listed in QuapoS [6] in chapter 4.2 and thus meets the recommendations of the German Society for Oncological Pharmacy (DGOP) und der European Society of Oncology Pharmacy (ESOP) für a SpillKit.

  • Recommended by the DGOP

    Recommended by the DGOP

    The Berner SpillKit XP contains all components, which are listed in the QuapoS in Chapter 4.2 and meets the requirements of the Germany Society of Oncology Pharmacy and the European Society of Oncology Pharmacy (ESOP) for a SpillKit.

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