Blue lab prep mats for use with cytostatic and biological agents SINGLE USE PRODUCTS

Blue lab prep mats for cytotoxic & biological agents
  • Latex free

Blue lab prep mats for use with cytostatic and biological agents

Extra absorbent, latexfree 3-layer preparation mat with a blue mesh structure - low lint with reliable drip protection for use in laboratory and chemotherapy.

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Order no. (56x41cm - non-sterile - 50 pieces) 8100
Order no. (56x41cm - sterile - 40 pieces) 8101
Order no. (42x26cm - non-sterile - 50 pieces) 8000
Artikel-Nr. (42x26cm - sterile - 50 pieces) 8001

The lab prep mats, which have been especially designed for the use in safety benches (for working with cytostatics and microbiological agents) are due to their outstanding absorbency also highly suitable for patient applications as well as for drip protection in transport containers.

Save time in your daily cleaning schedule by using prep mats.

The proven 3-layer system with a blue mesh structure ensures an even distribution, maximum absorption and reliable barrier properties. The prep mats comply with the Quapos requirements of the ESOP (European Society of Oncology Pharmacy). Also suitable for latex-free zones.

Areas of application: 

  • Work surfaces of safety cabinets for the production of cytostatics and for working with biological substances
  • as a mat when pre-cleaning vials
  • in hospitals for chemotherapy or when working with liquids
  • for biological laboratories
  • as a lower layer  in transport boxes to absorb any spills.

Main product highlights: 

  • 3-layer system 
  • Extra absorbent
  • Upper layer for even distribution
  • Low lintBlue lap prep mats - Request a sample now
  • Extremely absorbent middle layer
  • High liquid absorption
  • Bottom layer impermeable
  • Reliable barrier properties
  • Non-slip
  • 2 sizes
  • Sterile and non-sterile available
  • Non-sterile prep mats in a comfortable dispenser box
  • Barcode-System for item no. (EAN13),  
    production-, shelf life-date and LOT (Code 39) 


  • 3-layer system


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  • Latex free

    Latex free

    Product and/or packaging is latex free.

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