Berner International GmbH

Berner International GmbH

Change of management

Change of personel of the managment of Berner International GmbH:


On 03 May 2011, Mr Juergen Eckert officially stood down as managing director and at the same time Malte Schneider and Thomas Hinrichs were appointed as new managing directors.

This reorganisation process took place gradually over the past one and a half years, as Mr Eckert had handed over the day-to-day operations to us early on. At this point we would like to thank Mr Eckert for his great accomplishments. Over the past decades he has built up and developed this business into a rock-solid company with exceptional results.

In future, Mr Dipl.-Kfm. Malte Schneider will be primarily accountable for finance, IT, procurement, logistics and human resources while Mr Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Hinrichs’ main responsibilities will be marketing, sales, research & development, service and production.

A very close interaction between the business administrator and the engineer will take place, so that each will be able to optimally develop their individual core competencies within the organisation.


 Dipl.-Ing.                    Dipl.-Kfm.
 Thomas Hinrichs         Malte Schneider

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