Claire® pure - Intuitive operation

Claire® pure - Intuitive operation

Intuitive operation - safety cabinet Claire® pure

Touch-Display - Intuitive use and easy to use menu navigation

The touch display is the central interface and control unit for the user. The touch display of the new generation is intuitive in its operation with a selfexplanatory menu. Premium quality pictograms and a puristic design speak a clear language. The superior TFT-display with LED background lighting is arranged in a central position and within easy reach. The display can be easily read from a sitting as well as a standing position. All safety-related parameters such as airflow velocities and front screen position are displayed as large graphical images. Errors are shown clearly, and potential corrective actions are suggested.

The distinguishing feature of the touch display of the new generation of safety cabinets is the intuitive operation and extremely user-friendly menu navigation- it's easy!

Intuitive operation

  • Flexible
    Four function keys can be individually assigned to diff erent functions - specifi c to your needs.
  • Individual
    Own PIN code protected user profiles (language, connection/ disconnection of certain equipment, etc.) and display surfaces can be created.
  • State of the Art
    High quality TFT display with dimmable LED backlight and excellent visibility from all directions.
  • Clearly arranged
    Generous graphics display of temperature, humidity, flow velocities, etc. Implementation and display of data from external devices, for example particle counter or sensors are possible.
  • Precise
    Display of current operating mode, normal, cleaning, energy saving or night mode.
  • Safe
    Display of alarm with specific error diagnosis and suggested solutions.
  • Intuitive
    Simple and self-explanatory menu navigation in puristic design make the operation simple.
  • Informative
    Comprehensive quick guide in pictorial form facilitate instructi ons considerably.