Claire® pure - Performance pure

Claire® pure - Performance pure

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Performance Envelope Testing

As early as 2002, we were the first European manufacturer to use the microbiological test method in accordance with DIN 12980, EN 12469 and NSF 49 for the verification of the protection functions. On the basis of this method, most frequently used worldwide, we test and optimise the protection potential of our safety cabinets.

The personal, product and cross-contamination protection of a safety cabinet has the highest priority.

Highly efficient air flows are next to the filtration properties of crucial importance in relation to the protection potential of a safety cabinet. The „Performance Envelope Test (PET)“ in our own research laboratory has shown, that Claire owing to its innovative design demonstrates a high bandwidth in the performance of the protection functions. This unique property allows for a great flexibility in the choice of set points while guaranteeing maximum protection. That is why tested operations points can be achieved with real 0.45 m/s in accordance with GMP or low flow conditions for other applications.1) 2)

1) Christiansen, S.; Gragert, S.; Hinrichs, T.; Karpinska, R.; Leistungsgrenzen von Sicherheitswerkbänken; Onkologische Pharmazie; 12. Jahrgang; 01.2010

2) Christiansen, S.; Gragert, S.; Hinrichs, T.; Karpinska, R.; Performance Envelope Testing – or where are the performance limits of safety cabinets; labor & more; 02.2009


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