Class II biological safety cabinet FlowSafe SAFETY CABINETS

Biological safety cabinets (class 2) with 2- or 3-filter systems in different sizes for different types of laboratories:

- BSL 4 laboratories
- BSL 3 laboratories
- BSL 2 laboratories
- BSL 1 laboratories

  • B-[MaxPro]³-130 -and -190

    Put your trust in a safe bench: Maximum protection with the 3-filter system Berner class 2 biological safety cabinet.  More

  • B-[MaxPro]²- 130, -160 and -190

    2-Filter biological safety cabinet for best protection.   More

  • B-[MaxPro]³-70

    Compact size 3-filter system with maximum protection.  More

  • Background & Know-how

    For background information on the different technologies and distinctive features of our class biological safety cabinets. Their properties, test methods, ergonomics and research projects etc.  More