cleo® med - medical face masks

cleo® med - medical face masks

cleo® med medical face masks - discount promotion

Our support in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic: for the products of the cleo® med line you will receive a special discount - the offer is limited until January 31, 2021!

  • cleo® med comfort:      5,99€ / box
  • cleo® med protect:       5,99€ / box
  • cleo® med clean:          6,99€ / box
  • cleo® med clean plus:  9,74€ / box

All prices are exclusive of VAT. Additional shipping costs may apply.

The medical face masks are class 1 medical products and tested according to the EN 14683 Type IIR standard. Therefore they have a high spray resistance against contaminated liquids. At the same time, they are resistant to infectious germs with a filtration performance of over 99%.

Further information about the medical face masks of the cleo® med line can be found here



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