Cytotoxic safety cabinets / Biosafety cabinets SAFETY CABINETS

Safety cabinets

Berner safety cabinets (also named class 2 safety cabinets, cleanroom safety cabinets or sterile safety cabinets) offer optimal personal protection, product protection and contamination protection in cleanroom areas, in the aseptic production of cytostatics, parenteral or handling microbiological agents of classes BSL-1, BSL-2, BSL 3 and BSL-4.

Typical applications are in the life science, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

  • Safety cabinet Claire xl

    Safety cabinet Claire xl

    Compared to the Claire, the safety cabinet Claire xl has considerably more room - e.g. for automation many processes in the laboratory  More

  • Safety cabinet Claire total

    Safety cabinet Claire total

    Provides optimal product and personal protection and protection of the environment in biologicalchemical applications when handling volatile toxic substances, radioactive substances and viruses.  More

  • Claire pro - Safety cabinet

    Claire pro - Safety cabinet

    New standards for safety and design - you will never be satisfied with a standard safety cabinet again.  More

  • Safety cabinet Claire pure

    Safety cabinet Claire pure

    New standards for functionality and economics - The Claire pure provides the highest quality technology at an attractive price.  More

  • Claire pro - Superior quality

    Claire pro - Superior quality

    Find out more about the new generation of safety cabinets and experience infinite variety with Claire pro.  More

  • Claire pure - energy efficiency and economics

    Claire pure - energy efficiency and economics

    Claire pure provides the highest quality technology at an attractive price. Outstanding energy efficiency, low procurement and operating costs make Claire pure the ultimate in efficiency.  More

  • Accessories & options for safety cabinets

    Accessories & options for safety cabinets

    Assemble your safety cabinet according to your personal preferences and individual needs - the choice is yours!  More

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