Detection System

Movement-Measurement-System - Safety Cabinet Claire® pro

Movement-Measurement-System - safety Cabinet Claire® pro

Alarm Display

Clear warning signals for more safety

The patent-pending detection system "Movement- Measurement-System" registers movements of people and the resulting disrupted airflow near the work opening and creates a clear warning signal in the display, the lower pane edge and on the lateral LED strip light.


The monitoring system warns you in time for potential dangers and raises the awareness of the laboratory personnel.



Solutions for the future
Movements of people close to the front working aperture
Current research findings have shown that the movements of a person close to the front working aperture can have a considerable impact on the protection functions.3) 4)
The graphic below shows the test status “Dynamic interference and the effect on the protective function of safety cabinets” in the Berner Safety research and development laboratory.
Supported by German Bundestag
Dynamic board - Claire pro

3) Gragert, S.; Harder, M.; Hinrichs, T.; Kamdem Medom, B.; Dynamische Störungen und deren Einfluss auf die Schutzfunktion von Sicherheitswerkbänken; Onkologische Pharmazie; 15. Jahrgang; 01.2013

4) Hinrichs, T., Gragert, S.; Klein, M.; Biological Safety Cabinets: Simulation and Quantifying of Airflow Perturbation Caused by Personnel Activities; Applied Biosafety; March 17, 2016