GreenTec safety cabinets from Berner Safety

GreenTec - safety cabinet

Innovative technology - Inner values matter

Energy costs over the life cycle

During the development of the new generation, emphasis was placed value on top quality components, low operating costs and an environmentally friendly feature - GreenTec. This is an especially interesting aspect when considering an expected economic life expectancy of about 15 years and steadily rising electricity costs of around 5 % in the past 10 years1) The investment for the new generation of energy efficient safety cabinets breaks even much earlier thanks to lower operating costs.

1) Federal Statistical Office,; Preise -Daten zur Energiepreisentwicklung; Wiesbaden; 03.2016
2) Working price (gross): 0.2256 €/kWh; Source:, tariff for businesses based on Elmshorn, Germany; 04.2016


84% lower operating costs

Fluid mechanics

Fluid mechanics

Air distribution, cross-sections and filters have been optimised resulting in the lowest possible flow resistance in order to achieve a more efficient airflow. This reduces the load on the fans which saves valuable energy.

Top quality components

Premium quality components like EC-fans, LED lighting technology and a LED touch display reduce the active energy consumption enormously.

Eco Mode

Eco Mode

Intelligent control and monitoring technology reduces all consumers with one touch to a minimum.

Auto-On-Off Function

A needs-tailoured and patented control of energy consumption through an automated On and Off switch. If no one is located within the detection range of the presence sensor system in front of the safety cabinet, the front window closes automatically after the "Safety-Clean Cycle ". All consumers are switched off to save valuable energy. If a person re-enters the detection range the original operating state is reactivated. The operation costs are considerably reduced.

 New HEPA cartridge filters

New HEPA cartridge filters

Improved operating characteristics significantly reduce energy consumption and sound level thanks to new suction nozzle and air distribution. Resulting longer service life of filters saves additional costs.