Ergonomics - Height adjustable

Ergonomics - safety cabinet

Very quiet, optimally illuminated and heigth adjustable

The new generation of safety cabinets is the result of decades of experience, German engineering innovation, as well as the utilisation of the most up-to-date available technologies - “Made in Germany”.

  • Very quiet and pleasant working conditions with a sound pressure level of up to 49dB [A].
  • Bright and uniform illumination of the working area thanks to high quality and dimmable LED technology.
  • Sitting or standing workplace: Seven worktop heights of 683-953 mm are available during installation with the standard base frame.
  • The height-adjustable base frame of 700-1000 mm with memory position and an individual user profile. It allows flexible switching between sitting and standing activity and therefore automatically prevents forced postures. Your perfect working height with one touch.
  • Exceptional legroom for the 3-filter system.
  • Good for precision work: armrest and work surface at one height. Therefore, the entire height of the work aperture is available for ease of movement.
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