Exhaust air connection FlexDuct SAFETY CABINETS

Exhaust air connection FlexDuct

Exhaust air connection FlexDuct

The exhaust air connection FlexDuct ensures feedback-free coupling of safety cabinets to an exhaust air system acc. DIN 12980 and DIN EN 12469.

Outstanding features:

  • Very low total exhaust air volume flow reduces the operating costs significantly by upto 50%
  • Especially for ceiling heights > 2,8 m
  • Ideal for use with height adjustable base frames
  • Free of negative feedback, therefore always maximum personal protection
  • Flexible placement of the safety cabinet according to the lab conditions
  • Safety dampers enable the visual control of safe operating conditions
  • Via safety flaps adjustment of optimum exhaust air volume flow without measurements is possible
  • Fast deinstallation for exhaust air filter check

Important requirements:

  • The distance of the safety cabinet to the wall needs to be at least 7 cm for the safety flaps to open correctly in case of ventilation system failure.
  • The air ventilation system needs to be designed for a total exhaust air volume flow of : 600 +/ - 50 m³/h.
  • A circular connection to the ventilation system with a diameter of 250 mm above the safety cabinet in the ceiling or wall should be in a distance of not more than 4 m.
  • The air ventilation system must monitor the set value of the volume flow. Unsafe conditions have to be indicated by visual and acoustic warning signals.

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