FFP3 respiratory mask Berner BLS 860 PPE

FFP3 respirator mask Berner BLS 860 | Berner Safety
  • CE mark 0426
  • Singly wrapped
  • Dolomite dust test
  • Nano Filtration

FFP3 respiratory mask Berner BLS 860

Your protection against solid and liquid particles with the highest degree of separation

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Order No. (non-sterile - 10 pieces) 100180

The Berner FFP3 respiratory mask BLS 860, as a folding mask, provides an optimum protection against particles and aerosols. The special filter material fulfills the requirements of EN 149 and also safely retains nanoparticles up to 0.001 μm. These particles usually penetrate very easily into the body due to their small size.

FFP3 respiratory with nano filtration

FFP3 respirator mask with nano filtration



The breathing valve reduces the breathing resistance and facilitates the wearing of the mask over a longer period of time. This respiratory mask is especially suitable for handling CMR drugs (e.g., cytostatics, viral drugs), biological agents, and viruses.


FFP3 respiratory product highlights:

  • Category III personal protective equipment (PPE) In accordance to PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425
  • Type tested and certified
  • Particle filtering FFP3 half mask EN 149; DIN EN 149
  • Retaining capacity at least 99,9% 
  • Against dusts, smoke and aerosols
  • Protection against nano particles up to 0,001µm
  • Climate-vent reduces exhalation resistance
  • Foldable mask, seperatly packaged
  • Suitable for CMR agents
  • Can be worn for a maximum of 8 hours (not applicable to cytostatics)
  • Shelf life of the masks under recommended storage conditions: 10 years
  • Also suitable for protection against anthrax and similar biological agents



  • CE mark 0426

    CE mark 0426

    EC directive declaration of conformance based on a a type test, certification and monitoring by the named body 0426: ITALCERT SRL
    Via Sarca, 336
    I-20126 MILANO

  • Singly wrapped

    Singly wrapped

    The masks are individually wrapped.

  • Dolomite dust test

    Dolomite dust test

    Mask has passed the additional dolomite dust test and offers excellent breathability during extended use and high dust levels.

  • Nano Filtration

    Nano Filtration

    Particle filtration requirements, as described by European standards
    on PPE, are focused on microparticles.
    Within a project involving several strategic partners, we have developed a
    specific test method to verify the protection level of our facemasks against
    nanoparticles. We studied the exposure towards a significant range of
    particles starting from carbon based substances to several metals and
    metal oxides. The results enabled us to find the right strategy to combine
    microparticles protection to nanoparticle risks.

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