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Formaldehyde binding agent

Formaldehyde binding agent

Fast and safe absorption of formaldehyde spills in pathology and anatomy

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Order No. (1 piece) 100113

The Formaldehyde binding agent comes in a practical shaker and has a maximum binding capacity of 245g of Formaldehyde (4% solution) per gram of granules.

Application: Sprinkle directly on the spillage, wait to bind and dispose off with a shovel and plastic scraper in a waste bag and close airtight (tools not included).

Safety note: When removing Formaldehyde spills you should wear suitable protective and certified clothing of the highest category III. Pay attention to the appropriate permeation times of Formaldehyde! Protective gloves, protective gown or protective coverall, protective boots are advised. In addition, you should wear a gas filtering respirator (half-mask or full face mask, no FFP masks) with appropriate filters and a gas-tight goggles.


Product highlights:

  • Binding (granulate) for absorption of Formaldehyde
  • High binding capacity (245g per g binding)
  • Practical shaker
  • PU = 1 shaker


Formaldehyde binding agent - Request a sample

Application area:

  • Pathology
  • Anatomy


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