Hand Disinfection

Hand disinfectant

Hand disinfectants, consistent protection and care of the hands, gentle cleaning of the hands and wearing the right protective gloves are necessary for an efficient hand hygiene. Berner offers complete solutions for your hand hygiene system in the category hand disinfectant and professional hand care.

  • Sterillium® classic pure

    Sterillium® classic pure

    Colourant- and fragrance-free variant of the classic disinfectant Sterillium. With proven Sterillium® skin care complex. Very good for sensitive and sensitive skin.  More

  • Sterillium® Tissues

    Sterillium® Tissues

    Very practical hands disinfectant wipe on the go. Everywhere and universally applicable.  More

  • Hand protection and care

    Hand protection and care

    Intensive nourishing lotions and balsams for stressed hands. They support the skin's regeneration, moisturizing and pH-neutral.  More

  • Hand cleansing

    Hand cleansing

    Mild and nourishing cleansing lotions with a pH of 5.5 and refatting substances for excellent skin compatibility.  More

  • Dispenser systems

    Dispenser systems

    Application-friendly and dosable dispensers for hand disinfectants, washing and care lotions for fast and easy filling  More