The new building of the Friedrich Loeffler Institute on the Island Riems

The new building of the Friedrich Loeffler Institute on the Island Riems

Berner International equips high security laboratory with new safety cabinets

One of the most modern high security laboratories, the new building of the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute is located on Riems Island. Berner was the chosen business associate for the safety cabinets.

The Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute (or FLI) is the German Research Institute for Animal Health and has one of the few high security laboratories in Germany. At the centre of the
activities lie the health and FLIwelfare of agricultural  livestock and also the protection of the human population against zoonoses, i.e. infections transmitted from animals to humans. At several locations in Germany intensive research is being carried out in the fields of physiology, ethology, epidemiology, immunology, virology, bacteriology and parasitology.Island Riems

For several years now, on the Island Riems (the head office of the 
FLI north of Greifswald, Germany), one of the latest high security
complexes in Europe is being built; in an area of over 80.000 m²,
with 89 laboratories and 163 special animal facilities. The
laboratories and stabling have been constructed in a
box-in-box system to safeguard the high total safety system.

The FLI does not make any compromises when fitting out their laboratories either. For equipping the laboratory with safety
cabinets at biosafety levels 2, 3 and 4 they commissioned Berner International.

In line with the different requirements various 2- and 3-filter safety BERNER FlowSafe® B-[MaxPro]³- 130 Edelstahl in der S3-Variante
cabinets were commissioned. For the high security area of biosafey
level 4, a stainless steel model of the well-known biological safety
cabinet BERNER FlowSafe®  B-[Max]³ with a partitioned filter
was chosen.

The 3-filter system consists completely of stainless steel and fullfils the highest safety requirements in the areas of personal- product and cross-contamination protection.

A special feature worth mentioning is the patented HEPA-cartridge-
main filter of the safety cabinet. Thanks to their special design the filters offer the following advantages:

- An extremely safe and low-contamination filter change while  
  the safety cabinet is still in operation.

- The replaced filter can be easily autoclaved on site, deactivated 
   and subsequently disposed off safely.

- The special construction of the safety cabinet 
   offers maximum legroom.

The fact that Berner International is the right business partner for
high security laboratories of biosafety levels BSL 4, could be sHigh security laboratories
een several years ago by the new construction of the  
Bernhard-Nocht-Instituts (BNI) for Tropical Medicine in Hamburg.

An experience and a reference, which has also been frequently used by the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute.

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