Infection protection Overall Dupont Tyvek® 800J | Berner International

Infection protection Overall Dupont Tyvek® 800J | Berner International

Protective overall for chemicals (Type 3-B) and infection protection (EN 14126)

Now available at Berner: Infection Protection Coverall Tyvek® 800J

Protective overall Tyvek® 800J

The protective overall Tyvek® 800J by Dupont is tested as category III protective clothing type 3-B, 4-B, 5-B and 6-B and has a high barrier effect against various anorganic chemicls at low concentration (even under pressure).

At the same time the overall has been tested and offers certified protection against biological hazards (complies with the requirements in accordance to the European standard EN 14126).

Application range:

Can be used as a protective overall when handling anorganic chemicals ( please see the permeation list).

In the biological area as infection protection clothing, e.g. against Ebola and similar viruses, the bird flu A/H5N1 and various types as well as the Mexico flu A/H1N1. Also suitable for the protection against biological agents. 

For further information on the protective coverall Tyvek® 800J.

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