Infrared Loop Sterilizer SAFETY CABINETS

Infrared Loop Sterilizer

Infrared Loop Sterilizer

Infrared Loop Sterilizer - High-Speed Annealing and Sterilizing without flame. Sterimax smart.

High Speed Infrared sterilizer for fast and efficient annealing or sterilizing of inoculation loops and micro-instruments without gas flame. Optimal for use in all kind of laboratories, directly usable in the safety cabinet without affecting their safety function, also under anaerobic working conditions. Special focused infrared light generates an IR hot spot where objects are sterilized in 5-10 seconds at 750-1000 ° C.

The electrical device is designed for a power supply voltage of 230V and ready for immediate use without any preheating. Contactless IR sensor technology starts the sterilization process automatically. Adjustable timers visually and audibly signal the end of the sterilizing and cooling. Fast but gentle soft start of the infrared light with the short burning time and use of residual heat ensure minimal heat dissipation and maximum energy efficiency. The high-quality stainless steel and safety glass with easy to use touch panel ensures a very good cleanability.

Product highlights:

  • Ready to use without heating
  • Auto-start with noncontact IR sensor technology
  • Comfortable touch panel
  • Adjustable sterilization and cooling times for two users
  • Annealing tube made of special quartz glass
  • Easy cleaning of equipment and annealing tube

Scope of delivery: Device using infrared light technology and quartz glass annealing tube 1 inoculating loop holder with inoculating loop 3 mm, holder for inoculating loop, 2 years warranty

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