Personal Protective Equipment - PPE

Know-how safety goggles

Know-how safety goggles

Background knowledge of markings and standards on the subject of safety glasses

Know-how: Standards and markings of safety goggles

Safety goggles are subject, just like the other items of the personal protective equipment (PPE) in Europe, to the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425. Only if the requirements of this directive are met and the individual standards are adhered to, can a manufacturer bring his PPE products onto the market.

As part of the risk assessment (the central element of occupational safety) the employer has to assess the harzard potential of the individual tasks/activities and provide suitable and certified personal protective equipment. The employee is then required to use/wear them when carrying out these tasks.

The main standard  for safety goggles is EN 166 (personal eye protection specifications). Depending on the type of applications other EN standards may also be relevant (EN 167 - EN 175, EN 379 and several EN ISO standards for eye optics. Further information and how to obtain the standards you need to contact your local standards organisation, for Germany it is the Beuth-Verlag

For PPE the type tests need to be assessed and accredited by the certifying organisation (notified body) . The manufacturer is assessed on an annual basis by the notified body.


Marking on the safety goggles -  frames by Uvex:

On the frames and lenses of UVEX safety eyewear - you will find different codes containing information for example about the designated uses of the  safety glasses. To magnify please click on the image.

marking on lens