Cytostatic safety cabinet

Cytostatic safety cabinet

Proven to have the highest performance on the market - tested and confirmed by the German inspection authority TÜV NORD CERT.

Maximum Safety - Performance Envelope Testing for Safety Cabinets

It is common knowledge, that the protective functions of class II safety cabinets are achieved by a continuous flow of air within the device. Of major importance here to the user is personal,  product plus cross-contamination protection.

In this respect, band widths exist of different air currents (downflow, inflow) within which the safety functions still apply. These band widths can and should be tried out and tested in the laboratory, on all types of safety cabinets (using the performance envelope test method), in order to ascertain the "safe" range of settings. 


Especially in a larger laboratory containing several safety cabinets, the sound level, even of quiet safety cabinets, becomes clearly noticeable.

The result:  The air current needs to be reduced, in line with the customer's wishes. But how far can air currents be reduced, without affecting protective functions of a safety cabinet?

As part of a research project Berner International has been assessing the protective functions of a safety cabinet in terms of personal and product protection using the microbiolgical method in accordance with DIN EN 12469. The maximum range, the  »Performance envelope« was determined for a BERNER FlowSafe® safety cabinet. In this test method contaminations are caused intentionally. By modifying the air currents in the front access opening and inside the workspace, personal and and product safety can no longer be assured above certain performance limits. Comparisons show that every safety cabinet has its own specific performance envelope and and therfore different performance limits.

Performance Envelope TestingBERNER FlowSafe® safety cabinets demonstrate, compared to other safety cabinets a larger »Performance Envelope« and therfore have the highest performance in terms of the protective functions - this has even been tested and confirmed by the inspection authority TÜV NORD CERT, Germany.  

BERNER FlowSafe® safety cabinets compensate disruptions in air flow dynamics very well and thus offer an extremely high level of protection, meaning they are absolutely safe even under extreme conditions.


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