Medical face masks

Medical face masks  

Certified medical face masks (also known as procedure masks, medical mask, surgical masks or face masks) of type II according to EN 14683 for protection against infectious germs. 

Available as type II and type IIR masks for safe use in, for example, clean rooms and operating rooms.

  • 5log PRO face mask

    5log PRO face mask

    Self-disinfecting technology proven to inactivate up to 99.9% viruses - including SARS-CoV-2 viruses, bacteria and fungi.  More

  • 5log STREET community mask

    5log STREET community mask

    Reliable and reusable community mask with self-disinfecting effect. Note: No medical device! No personal protective equipment!  More

  • cleo® med quality

    cleo® med quality

    The quality-tested medical face mask cleo® med quality type IIR according to EN 14683:2019 is a class 1 medical device manufactured in Germany. From raw materials to production and quality management, this product is "Made in Germany".  More

  • cleo® med comfort

    cleo® med comfort

    cleo® med comfort offers with its high-quality fleece material a particularly good breathability for a high wearing comfort. A medical face mask type IIR according to EN 14683:2019 for effective infection protection.  More

  • cleo® med protect

    cleo® med protect

    Due to the effective 3-layer fleece material, the medical face mask type IIR according to EN 14683:2019 offers a very good spray protection against contaminated liquids and a highly efficient bacterial filter performance of over 99%.

  • cleo® med clean

    cleo® med clean

    The individually sealed medical face masks of type IIR according to EN 14683:2019 with the practical design of the dispenser box offers the possibility of hygienic individual withdrawal. This significantly reduces the risk of contamination.   More

  • cleo® med clean plus

    cleo® med clean plus

    The single packaging of the medical face masks type IIR according to EN 14683:2019 with 2 wipes for effective disinfection of the hands. This enables the hygienic donning and doffing of the mask at any place and any time with the highest protection against infectious germs.  More