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Microbiological test method in our own research laboratory

Microbiological test method in our own research laboratory

Only microbiological safety cabinets, which eliminate contamination in the provocation tests quickly and safely correspond to the state of the art and meet our high quality standards.

Microbiological test method in our own research laboratory

Biosafety TestedBERNER International is the only manufacturer in Europe, that uses the globally recognised microbiological method for testing the safety functions of safety cabinets in accordance with DIN EN 12469, DIN 12980 and NSF 49 in its own quality assurance, research and development laboratories.


Perfect personal protection

In terms of occupational safety, containment capability at the working aperture, i.e. personal protection is the most important function of an MSC. The amount of biological substances passing through the working aperture must remain within permitted limits.

Reliable product protection

The product protection is essential for ensuring suitable manufacturing and experimental conditions. The number of particles coming from the surrounding area which are released into the work area must not exceed permitted limits. 

Maximum cross contamination protection

Your product or experiment should be protected from cross contamination from the work area. The number of bioaerosols crossing the work area must not exceed permitted limits. 


  • Perfect personal protection
  • Reliable product protection
  • Maximum cross contamination protection
  • Biological safety test sign


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