Mission & Values

Mission & Values

New standards in the laboratory


Our values
These company values define BernerBerner values

Our values


Responsibility means for us:

+ Acceptance and appreciation
+ Diversity of opinion enriches – use it

+ Accept your mistakes and learn from them
+ Work towards common goals
+ Lend a hand & don‘t look the other way

+ Be true to your word
+ Rely on each other
+ Team interest before own self-interest
+ Take care seriously


Our values


Trust means to us:

+ The basis of working together
+ We rely on the competences and abilities of our employees

+ Reliability and honesty in relation to colleagues, partners and customers



Our values


Joy means for us:

+ Friendly and polite working atmosphere
+ In accord with working and private life

+ Know your energizers

+ Positive attitude
+ Give your best
+ Celebrate success