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Safety cabinets are a very important protective device for many biotechnological and pharmaceutical laboratories.

NEW: B-[MaxPro]

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The BERNER FlowSafe® safety cabinet B-[MaxPro], which has been developed in the unique Europe-wide research and test laboratory, offers maximum protection from infection and general well-being when handling biological substances. Depending on the requirements a 2- or 3- filter system can be used in the laboratories with risk groups 1 to 4. Ergonomic design, optimal environmental parameters and user friendly conditions ensures a comfortable working environment without fatigue.

The new 3-filter system designed for significantly more safety and optimal waste disposal management is specifically suited to laboratories with a safety level of 3 and, under certain circumstances, for safety level 4 laboratories. The round HEPA-filter cartridges BFP-Best-Filter-Protection are easily and safely changed, low in contamination and fit, due to their compact build, in most autoclaves and waste disposal containers. A functional design and the revolutionary main filter guarantees freedom of leg movement.

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