Cleaning efficiency > 99,95%

Cleaning efficiency > 99,95%

In tests carried out by the German Energy and Environmental Technology e.V. (IUTA) on surfaces highly contaminated with cytostatics the ISYSOFT cleaning cloths achieved a degree of cleanliness of 99,95%.

New - ISYSOFT cleaning wipes now also latex-free

All clean?

 Cleaning of contaminated surfaces by CMR pharmaceuticsals (e.g. cytostatics) poses a challenge to the user again and again.

As part of the MEWIP-Study (Monitoring-Effect-Study for wipe samples in pharmacies), in over 60% of all samples cytostatic substances were found.

The well-known BERNER ISYSOFT cleaning wipes are now also available latex-free, which means that they can also be used in the latex-free zones of hospitals.

Background information on the ISYSOFT cleaning cloth:

In validation experiments for PharmaMonitor the performance of several cleaning wipes was assessed in combination with different cleaning solutions.

ISYSOFT is the test winner! 

During the experiments, surfaces were highly contaminated with several frequently used cytostatics (n=500 ng/cm²). Subsequently the surfaces were cleaned using different processes.

The ISYSOFT cleaning cloth was the clear winner with a degree of cleanliness of >99,95% for all examined substances (in combination with 0,1 molar NAOH and Isopropanol 70%).

Further information on the results of the experiments are available on request by the Product Management Department of Berner International.

Further information on ISYSOFT cleaning cloths.


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