Protective glove with SafeDon-System: Dermagrip Ultra LT

Protective glove with SafeDon-System: Dermagrip Ultra LT

Nitrile Protective Glove Dermagrip Ultra LT with SafeDon-Dispenser

Nitrile Protective Glove with the new dispenser system SafeDon!  

The new nitrile glove "Dermagrip Ultra LT" originates from WRP and has been developed as PPE category III for the safe handling of CMR drugs (e.g. cytostatics) and for working with biological agents (e.g. fungi, bacteria, viruses).

The Dermagrip Ultra LT is a top quality chemical protective glove in accordance with EN 374-3, has a length of 240 mm and is easily donned due to the smooth inside. Together with the patented dispensing system the risk of cross contamination is greatly reduced.

The protective glove is ideally suited for the following areas:

- storage areas and transporting materials in the cytostatic pharmacy and cytotoxic manufacturing operations
- for applications in the onological laboratory and in onocological stations
- in laboratories, where the use of gloves is essential

Please find here further information about the new nitrile protective glove Dermagrip Ultra LT.