New packaging units for Manu Prene XP

New packaging units for Manu Prene XP

New packaging units for Manu Prene XP

Manu Prene XP - latex-free neoprene protective gloves

In the upcoming months we change to 3-fold poly-outer packaging and 100 pairs per unit for the sterile versions of our Manu Prene XP gloves. Single pouches are combined in poly-bags with 10 units. Ten of these units are packed in one large bag inside one box. This concept is for optimum use inside a cleanroom environment.

The older packaging size with 25 pairs will be available only within the next few months and then discontinued!New packaging protective gloves Manu Prene XP

Neoprene protective gloves are made from especially high quality polychloroprene and protect the user from CMR substances e.g. cytostatics, various chemicals, biological agents and viruses. Due to the material composition, these gloves are to be particularly recommended for existing latex allergies. Get more information of the product: Protective gloves Manu Prene XP.


  • Packaging units are changed from 25 pairs to 100 pairs
  • New 3x poly-sterile packaging most suitable for cleanroom applications
Size Old article no. New article no.
Manu Prene XP Size 6 XS 2011 100234
Manu Prene XP Size 6,5 S 2013 100235
Manu Prene XP Size 7 SM 2015 100236
Manu Prene XP Size 7,5 M 2017 100237
Manu Prene XP Size 8 ML 2019 100238
Manu Prene XP Size 8,5 L 2021 100239
Manu Prene XP Size 8,5 L 2023 100240