Pandemic Protection Kits | Berner International

Pandemic Protection Kits | Berner International

New: Pandemic Kits

For emergency, health personnel and helpers who have to enter biological hazardous areas, Berner International now offers a pandemic protection kit, e.g. suitable for the Ebola outbreak.

Depending on the type of activity there are different sets available which contain all the protective materials needed for one person. These sets comply with the requirements of the German Robert-Koch-Instituts (RKI) for infection protection clothing and equipment - types 1 and 2.

All of the pandemic protection sets contain a protective coverall of the highest category III, type 3-B. This type of coverall does not just offer protection against infectious agents in accordance with the standard EN 14126, but also highly concentrated disinfectants are retained safely.

For extended stays in biological hazardous zones there are also sets available equipped with full face respiratory masks.

Further details on these different sets - BERNER Pandemic-Protection-Kits