Berner Nitrile protective glove Manu N

Berner Nitrile protective glove Manu N

Nitrile safety gloves Berner Manu N were specially developed for handling chemicals, CMR drugs, microorganisms and viruses. Type-tested as PPE of the highest category III.

Permeation: 15 Cytostatics > 480 minutes

The marathon glove - 8 hours without breakthrough, now for 15 different cytstostatics

Even good products can be improved further!  We have asked you - our customers - whether there are any featuers which you would like to see in our Nitrile BERNER Manu N.

We would like to thank you for the numerous answers.

Your most important points:

1. A longer glove shaft

We have lengthened the glove shaft to 300 mm. This way the glove can be pulled over more easily over sleeve covers or sleeves.

2. A cleanroom compliant foil packaging

The poly-/poly-packaging of the sterile generates fewer particles when opening than the previous packaging. The packaging of sterile gloves is carried out using cleanroom requirements. The glove is suitable for use in cleanrooms ISO class 5 in accordance with EN ISO 14644-1:1999.

For this glove N stands for the material Nitrile, a co-polymer made from special plastics. Depending on the composition of the material nitrile gloves can possess very different protective properties.

Permeation tests of 15 substances of different cytostatic groups have been carried out already. The protective glove protects against all these substances for more than 480 minutes (8 hours).

These long permeation times are significant, even for glove changes at 30 minute intervals, as the permeation rate represents a continuous process from the moment of contamination. A longer retaining period therefore offers increased protection even for short wear intervals.

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