Notification of change

Notification of change

Notification of change: Discontinuation & sale of products

As your partner for personal protective equipment and disposable items, we would like to keep you fully informed of changes to the products which you purchase from us. Therefore, we would like to inform you that various products and product series will be removed from our portfolio. A number of items are no longer available.

Affected products

CODAN Articles (Spikes, syringes, stoppers, etc.): Art. No. C-165245, C-165276, C-165285, C-165303,
C-165305, C-623760, C-624717, C-626703, C-627704, C-629555, C-764440, C-764445, C-764450 & 

BODE Article: Art. No. H-973623, H-9802091, H-9812022

Further products are still available in very small numbers. The remaining packaging units of these products are expected to be sold out soon.

Affected products

Stansolv AK-22 381 protective glove: Art. No. 100016, 100017, 100018, 100019, 100020

Kronit-Proof 395 protective glove: Art. No. 100022, 100023 & 100024

Ultranitril 480 protective glove: Art. No. 100025, 100026, 100027 & 100028

Trionic 517 protective glove: Art. No. 100035, 100036, 100037, 100038 & 100039

Butoflex 651 protective glove: Art. No. 100040, 100041, 100042 & 100043

Dupont Tychem F series (protective gown, sleeve, coverall): Art. No. 100083, 100084, 100182 & 100245

Dupont Tyvek Classic + apron – non-sterile: Art. No. 6950

Bouffant cap: Art. No. 100172

Berner Pandemic Protection Set Type 2: Art. No. 4195 & 4197


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