Our management mission statement

Our management mission statement

Berner's management mission statement


Our leadership values


To lead with courage means for us:

+ determined to take responsibility
+ make decisions and correct them if necessary

+ new ways to go
+ to face conflicts and solve them
+ to act consistently + to accept criticism and to allow other opinions


Our leadership values


To lead with enthusiasm means to us:

+ To persuade as a model with a positive attitude
+ take the team

+ delegate with confidence
+ create something new and unique together

+ open to communicate


Our leadership values
customer orientation


To lead customer-oriented means for us:

+ put the customer at the center of the trade
+ act reliably and technically competent

+ actively live communication

+ Create trust
+ maintain a friendly appearance


Our leadership values


To lead results-oriented means for us:

+ formulate goals and pursue persevering
+ Prioritize

+ define scope for flexibility
+ demand independence and promote
+ support decision-making


Our leadership values


To lead with vision means for us:

+ support innovation
+ pursue a sustainable strategy

+ show empathy

+ constantly optimize processes
+ create a positive working environment