Overhead gas burner SAFETY CABINETS

Overhead gas burner in safety cabinet

Overhead gas burner

Overhead gas burner

Outstanding precision burner in the laboratory version applicable as an overhead burner.Ideally suited for all flame related applications in the laboratory, e.g., for sterilization of microbiological instruments or the heating of dental tools. As an overhead burner, it especially suited for the use within a safety cabinet because the impact on the laminar flow with this arrangement is minimal.

Overtemperature protection and automatic reignition are integrated for added security. Safely start and stop the flames with a button. Alternatively controllable by foot pedal or external IR motion sensor.

Product highlights

  • Variable flame from any angle – even upside down
  • Safety in any operation mode
  • Very easy cleaning of removable burner head
  • Operation with liquid gas from cylinders or cartridges (with optional adapters)
  • Very economic consumption of gas

Delivery: nozzle for propane / butane gas, special removable burner head, 17mm wrench, switch mode power supply (worldwide use), user manual, 2 year warranty


  • Overhead burner in safety cabinet

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