Pandemic Type 1 - Version A PPE

Berner Pandemic Protection Kit Type 1
  • Protection from chemical hazards
  • Jet Test
  • Protective clothing against infectious agent

Pandemic Type 1 - Version A

Pandemic protection set

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The Berner Pandemic Protection Kit has been designed for rescue workers, who need to work in infectious zones for a limited time period (maximum time 8 hours) .

It meets the recommendations of the German Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) for infectious protection sets type 1.

The set contains:

Pandemic protection set - certifiedPandemic protection set - certified

Only tested protective clothing of  type 3-B offers reliable protection against penetration against liquids (e.g. body fluids such as sweat, blood, ...), which are pressurized (e.g. gripping the arm of the patient).

In the type test the protective coveralls have to pass a "Jet-Test" as per EN ISO 17491-3, where liquid is sprayed onto the surface of the protective clothing. Protective coveralls of type 4-B, 5-B or 6-B do not offer sufficient protection!

The gas-tight safety goggles are necessary for all infectious diseases, which are transmitted through the air (eg.bird flu - virus A/H5N1 and similar viruses). Suitable safety goggles should have a special coating to prevent fogging up (anti-fog coating). Ventilated safety goggles do not provide reliable protection against airborne diseases.


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  • Protection from chemical hazards

    Protection from chemical hazards

    Sign for the protection from chemical hazards according to DIN EN 374 and DIN EN 340. This applies esp. for protective gloves and protective clothing for the use with CMR drugs (e.g. cytostatics).

  • Jet Test

    Jet Test

    Labeling of a protective jumpsuit Type 3: Liquid-tight protective coveralls according to EN 14605

  • Protective clothing against infectious agent

    Protective clothing against infectious agent

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