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Our new poster graphically demonstrates in 20 points which requirements have to be met to enable safe working practices at safety cabinets. It was presented in line with the poster exhibition at the ADKA Conference in Trier, 11 - 13 May 2006.

Poster: Working safely at safety cabinets

Safety cabinets are the most important work- and product protection equipment  in many laboratories. This applies especially to the  GMP-compliant production of potentially toxic, aseptic parenteral preparations or for contact with biological substances with a high infection risk.

Modern, state of the art (incl. DIN 12980, DIN EN 12469), safety cabinets, offer a very high level of protection. Nevertheless, in practice, critical moments still occur repeatedly due to incorrect  conduct when working with safety cabinets. The user information is the most important document for the  safety cabinet and has to contain all the necessary details  for a safe and durable operation.

It can be observed that the user information does not receive sufficient attention. Often it is not present in the vicinity of  the safety cabinet and users have never read it. This can result in,  for e.g. unsuitable  disinfectants being used, air intake openings in the workspace being blocked, materials being stored in the workspace and even up to the point of working at occupational protective equipment which is  not  regularly tested.

The remedy for this is the quick user information. With the use of this guide, tried and tested in practical experience, 20-Point-Quick-User-Guide in pictorial form, safety at work will be significantly increased!


  • 20-Point-Quick-User-Guide


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