Product launch of manual® SLN 270 SafeDonTM

Product launch of manual® SLN 270 SafeDonTM

Product launch of manual® SLN 270 SafeDonTM

New at Berner: manual® SLN 270 SafeDonTM

As an extension of our product range of gloves, we introduce the non-sterile chemical protection glove manual® SLN 270 on March 1st, 2023. This glove is three centimeters longer than its predecessor manual® SLN 319 and can therefore be pulled over protection sleeves more easily, which increases protection even further. They are also available in the innovative SafeDon™ dispensing system.

Product properties of the manual® SLN 270 SafeDonTM nitrile gloves
The particularly thin nitrile protective glove with a length of 270 mm is a fully-fledged chemical protective glove (according to the European standard EN ISO 374-1:2016 and EN ISO 374-5:2016). The inside of the glove is particularly smooth to make it easier to put on. The outside is polymer-coated and structured to guarantee a secure grip even on smooth surfaces.

The manual® SLN 270 features permeation tests (penetration at molecular level) for important industrial chemicals. You can find more information in the product information.

In addition to the properties as personal protective equipment (PPE cat. III), the manual® SLN 270 also complies with the European standard EN 455 for medical gloves.

With the patented SafeDon™ dispenser system, the protective gloves are always removed individually and therefore particularly hygienically with the cuff first, without coming into contact with other gloves. The practical wall bracket is available for one or three dispenser boxes, enabling you to have the most important sizes to hand.