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Protective clothing for personal protection

Protective clothing for personal protection

Protective clothing in pharamcy and medicine

The new ppe regulation and its significance for handling of CMR drugs and potentially infectious materials.

For 20 years, users of certified personal protective equipment (PPE) can be sure that their products meet basic health and safety requirements. Since 1989 the PPE Directive 89/686/EEC created the conditions necessary for a uniform level of design and testing throughout Europe. This has contributed significantly to the reliability of individual protective measures.

However, over the years, ambiguous formulations as well as changed requirements for market and product monitoring necessitated a revision of this legislation. Therefore, the PPE Directive lost its validity after the last transition period which expired in April 2019. Two years earlier, the new PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 had already come into force. Since then it has regulated the design, provision and free movement of PPE within the European Union in a more detailed, precise and binding manner than its predecessor.

The following article shows the significance of the new regulations for personal occupational safety when handling CMR drugs and infectious materials.

Authors of the article: Michael Klein und Tobias Mürdel, D-Elmshorn


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