Nitrile protective gloves manual® SLN 319 PPE

Protective gloves manual® SLN 319
  • CE mark 2777
  • Protection from microbiological hazards
  • Protection from chemical hazards
  • Latex free

Nitrile protective gloves manual® SLN 319

For handling chemicals and microorganisms & viruses

To order | manual® SLN 319 with dispensing system SafeDon™ - colour blue 

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Order No. (200 Box, non-sterile) 100263 100264 100265 100266

Product highlights manual® SLN 319

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) of the highest category III in accordance with PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425, EN 420:2003
  • Type-tested and certificated
  • Provides protection against chemicals and viruses, bacteria & fungi tested according to 374-1:2016, EN 374-4:2013 and 374-5:2016
  • Additionally tested as medical glove in according to EN 455, parts 1-4
  • Latex-free
  • Low allergenic (no detectable allergens)
  • Colour: blue

Nitrile protective glove with new dispensing system - SafeDon™!

The nitrile protective gloves "manual® SLN 319" were developed as PPE of the highest category III especially for the safe handling of hazardous substances.

Chemical protective gloves optimally suitable for:


  • Medical practices and hospitals as examination gloves 
  • Bio-laboratories, when working with biological agents ( e.g. fungal spores, bacteria, viruses)
  • Veterinary surguries
  • All laboratories where the use of protective gloves is necessary


Characteristics protective gloves manual® SLN 319

The particularly thin nitrile protective glove in 240 mm length is a full-fledged chemical protective glove (according to the European standard EN ISO 374-1:2016 and EN ISO 374-5:2016). To make it easier to put on, the inside of the protective glove is particularly smooth. The outside is polymer-coated and textured to ensure a secure grip even on smooth surfaces.

The manual® SLN 319 has permeation tests (penetration at molecular level) for important industrial chemicals. For further information please refer to the product information.

In addition to its protective glove properties, the manual® SLN 319 also complies with the European standard EN 455 for medical gloves.

SafeDon™- dispensing system: reduced contamination with the SafeDon-Cuff 1st Dispenser system 

Chemikalienschutzhandschuhe manual® SLN 319 mit SafeDon™-Spendersystem

With the patented dispenser system SafeDon™ the protective gloves are always removed with the cuff first.

The practical wall holder is available for one or three dispenser boxes. So you always have the most important sizes at hand.

Numerous contaminations can occur when removing gloves from conventional non-sterile dispenser systems. The gloves are touched in the hand or finger area during removal and are thus potentially contaminated.



A known problem: As soon as an non-sterile dispenser box has been emptied to 60-70%, several gloves are removed during the collection process. These are then put back into the box and are already contaminated. 

Risk of contamination with the known dispenser system

Unsterile Handschuh Spendersysteme | Chemikalienschutzhandschuhe

Similar to dispenser boxes from the cosmetics sector, the gloves in the dispenser box are specially folded and basically offer only one protective glove at a time. Studies have shown that the SafeDon dispenser system can reduce contamination when putting on non-sterile gloves by up to 96% compared to conventional dispenser systems.
Read more about it in the article of the Journal of Hospital Infection.

Reduced risk of contamination with the SafeDon™- dispenser system 

Chemikalienschutzhandschuhe mit SafeDon-Spendersystem - Vermeidung von Kontaminationen







  • CE mark 2777

    CE mark 2777

    EC directive conformity mark based on an EC-type examination, certification and monitoring by the notified body CE 2777: SATRA Technology Europe Ltd, Bracetown Business Park, Clonee, D15YN2P, Republic of Ireland.

  • Protection from microbiological hazards

    Protection from microbiological hazards

    Sign for the protection from bacterial hazards according to EN 374-2.

  • Protection from chemical hazards

    Protection from chemical hazards

    Sign for the protection from chemical hazards according to EN 374. This applies esp. for protective gloves for the use with CMR drugs (e.g. cytostatics).

  • Latex free

    Latex free

    Product and/or packaging is latex free.

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