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Medical face mask - type IIR

Medical face mask - type IIR

Respiratory masks & medical face masks

What are the requirements and where are the important differences?

The worldwide spread of the new virus Sars-CoV-2 has massively increased the importance of infection protection in the general perception. At the beginning of the pandemic, the question of the benefit of medical face masks or respiratory masks especially for the public sector was much discussed and disputed. However, the vehemence with which the COVID 19 pandemic has reached Europe has by now created facts, so that for many situations in public life, masks are compulsory.

For a better understanding of the role that masks can play in infection control, the following article first describes the different types of masks and the basic aspects of the requirements for such protective equipment with a focus on European regulations, standards and testing requirements. Furthermore, the areas of application, the advantages and disadvantages of the technical designs and the correct way to wear the masks are described, as well as information on the duration of use, replacement intervals and conditional reusability.

Authors of the article: Michael Klein und Ralf Wörl, D-Elmshorn


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