Claire® total - Safety cabinet Type B2 SAFETY CABINETS

Safety cabinet Claire® total
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Claire® total - Safety cabinet Type B2

Safe for chemicals due to Total Exhaust


Claire® total models are particularly suitable for work in combination with volatile toxic compounds or also with radioactive labelled substances and viruses particles. They represent a special device type for the handling of biological and chemical hazardous substances under aseptic, low particle conditions. The concept uses an air conveyance system without recirculation into the work space. In the working space a uniform laminar flow is generated. A series of high-efficiency cartridge filters as the main filter stage
retain particulate matter from the total airflow which is removed by a fixed exhaust air system.


Protection Shield

Protection Shield

The multiple award-winning “Shield Design” underlines the high design quality and the union of innovation in form and function


With our own research, development and construction we offer customized solutions for individual needs
Toch Display

Touch Display

Intuitive operation and user-friendly menu navigation
Spezielle Luftführung

Special air conveyance

Safety cabinets of class II, Type B2, according to NSF 49 with 100 % exhaust air. Ensures safe working conditions even with volatile toxic chemicals in standard laboratory volumes.
Erfüllung der Anforderungen an den Fortluftanschluss

Fulfillment of the special requirements for the exhaust air connection

Similar to a chemical fume hood, it is necessary to provide a fixed direct and specially assigned exhaust air duct. For Claire® total, a built-in, high-performance fan supports the removal of air into the external exhaust air system.
Innovative LED-Lichttechnik

Innovative LED-light technology

Apart from the interior LED lighting, laterally arranged LED light bands and the illuminated window edge in direct view of the user visualize the operating state or alarms and guarantee the highest security


Particularly bright operating conditions and optimum legroom due to the special compact design of the main filter level
Einzigartige Filtertechnologie

Unique Filtertechnology

Special HEPA cartridge filter for even lower sound levels and energy consumption



For Claire® total, an air conveyance concept without circulation or recirculating air in the work space is used, compared to conventional safety cabinets of class 2 (Type A1 or A2). Around 70% of the total volume flow in the safety cabinet is sucked in from the laboratory via roof-side fans and cleaned via pre-filters and a large H14 HEPA filter. In this way the laminar displacement flow (downflow to 0.45 m/s) for aseptic working conditions is generated inside the work space, typically with cleanroom class A according to the EU GMP guidelines or ISO class 5 according to ISO EN DIN 14644-1.

About 30% of the total volume flow is sucked in at the work opening, the inflow is 0.51 m/s. This serves to create the retention capacity for personal protection through a stable air curtain. Hazardous substances released during activities cannot enter the laboratory air. A strong main fan supplies 100% of the total volume flow to the laboratory exhaust system.


For safety cabinets of class II Type B2, a fixed permanent connection to the laboratory exhaust system has to be provided, so that the exhaust air is safely guided out of the building. With Claire® total, a built-in, highperformance fan supports the discharge of air into the exhaust air conveyance system.

In the planning process the following should be considered:

  • Direct, permanent and specifically to the safety cabinet assigned connection to the exhaust air system
  • Exhaust air system with own terminal fan, adapted to the exhaust air volume
  • Mutual monitoring of the function of the safety cabinet and the exhaust air system with alarm and emergency shutdown, for this there are potential- free contacts in the Claire® total available
  • Shutters in the exhaust air system for shutdown and decontamination by fumigation


For more information, please consider our broschure safety cabinet Claire® total.

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  • CE mark

    CE mark

    EC directive conformity mark signifies the adherence to the basic safety and health requirements of the relevant EC directive(s).

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