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Safety cabinet Claire® xl
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Safety cabinet Claire xl

Size for automation and more


Claire® xl sets completely new standards for safety cabinets with the sum of all components and features – but especially due to the enormous size of the workspace. Although literally the “measure of all things” can still set limits in individual cases – these extra-large safety cabinets provide comfortable space and the necessary environment for most laboratory equipment and applications – with optimal protection for the experiment and for the user.


Extremely spacious

Extremely spacious

The extremely extended workspace offers plenty of space for large laboratory equipment with optimum personal and product protection
Customised solutions

Customised solutions

Specific adaptation to individual applications is possible. For example, flush integration of a system into the work level of the safety cabinet, including all connections.
Testing in own cleanroom lab

Testing in own cleanroom lab

Confirmed protection functions with microbiologicalvtest procedures acc. to EN 12469 and DIN 12980
Toch Display

Touch Display

Intuitive operation and user-friendly menu navigation
Protection Shield

Protection Shield

The multiple award-winning “Shield Design” underlines the high design quality and the union of innovation in form and function
 Quality seal
Quality seal

Multiple award-winning product design in the selection criteria - degree of innovation, safety, sustainability, aesthetics, industrial feasibility and implementation.

Innovative LED-light technology

Innovative LED-light technology

Apart from the interior LED lighting, laterally arranged LED light bands and the illuminated window edge in direct
view of the user visualize the operating state or alarms and guarantee the highest security
Unique Filtertechnology

Unique Filtertechnology

Special HEPA cartridge filter for even
lower sound levels and energy consumption


Detection system for moving persons and the resulting air perturbation near the access opening creates warnings
and raises awareness of the laboratory personal

*awarded for a model version of Claire pro



The Claire® xl models have an extremely extended workspace for demanding applications. Total depth is
927 mm and the safe usable area has a depth of 745 mm. The workspace height is 824 mm at the front
of the workspace and drops to 690 mm at the back wall. This means that laboratory equipment and most
large-scale devices, used increasingly in the microbiological and pharmaceutical sector, can be operated under perfect aseptic conditions (product- and cross-contamination protection).

With the 3-filter system this is especially possible in processes where an increased risk of exposition to
hazards exists for the user. Combined personal, product and cross-contamination protection is e.g.
required in handling of biological hazards (biological protection level 2–4) or of toxic or carcinogenic
agents (e.g. cytostatics, antivirals and other highly active pharmaceuticals).



→ Premium Quality
The interior work space has a first-class and solid finish, is made entirely of stainless steel and safety glass, durable, resistant, virtually joint-free and easy to clean. All components, options or modifications of the safety cabinet are implemented by our qualified employees in the design and production department
with the highest quality standards.

→ Size and weight
Claire® xl offers plenty of space for your applications. As a result, the dimensions are correspondingly large. Therefore, weight and size should be kept in mind during planning and installation. The empty weight is between 550 and 650 kg, the width is 1185 mm and the height between 2.340 –2580 mm. Where possible, our partners’ service engineers will gladly assist you in assessing the installation options in some countries

→ Transport and installation
The dimensions become of great importance here as well. Transport and installation are organised by our autorised sales partner. An on-site control of the access course can be helpful. There are alternatives with Claire® xl if direct access seems difficult. The safety cabinet is typically transported separated from the base
stand. Additional disassembly up to the complete on-site build-up are also an option.

Safety cabinets from Berner International meet the highest quality requirements and undergo a comprehensive test program before being delivered to the customer. We also offer intensive
commissioning, maintenance and other services by our certified staff or our sales partners. From product development through production to commissioning in your laboratory and beyond - quality “Made in Germany”.


Please find more information in our broschure safety cabinet Claire® xl.

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  • CE mark

    CE mark

    EC directive conformity mark signifies the adherence to the basic safety and health requirements of the relevant EC directive(s).

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